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Tall Men's Underwear & Briefs

Behind every large or tall man is a great pair of underwear, relaxed fitting, comfortable and made to fit and last! Our underpants and briefs collection is perfect for all sizes and body frames, whether you are a wider or a trimmer man, we refuse to stock cheap underwear and we would like to provide our customers with the top of the range but value for money clothing! What a lot of the customers look for is the elasticated waist to be strong and flexible, therefore we feel it’s much better to pay that little extra and get significantly improved quality clothing that will last and not tear after a couple of days. We stock a couple of fantastic well-made high quality Underpants and Briefs that will definitely appeal to any tall man!

This garment has been sold exceptionally well this season, Ed Baxter Essential Brief Pants in Navy/Black/Grey. Ed Baxter has become very popular within our customer base probably because of the well-made top of the range clothing that they provide which never let us or our customers down! This great set of Brief Pants comes in an attractive eye catchy display box which makes it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one! Relaxed fitting and well made, what more do you need! Stretchy fitting to cater for anybody frame and sizes starting from 1XL up to 8XL.

We have found that for the past two seasons our customers have been ordering the most the Kam Twin Pack Cotton Brief Pants that come in as many as four different colours for you to choose from! If that wasn’t enough, this tempting package comes with two briefs per pack which for us, is a wardrobe essential!

Colours include White, Red, Grey and Navy, so pick your favourite colours and make them yours now! With sizes starting from 1XL up to 8X

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