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Tall Men's Underwear

Take a look at our tall men’s underwear from Ed Baxter and Kam Jeanswear. Here at Big Clothing 4 U we have filtered through any underwear that is designed for the big and tall man and added these to the tall men’s section. We accept the range is not as wide as the big collection, but we are working on expanding this range soon.

Ed Baxter and Kam Jeanswear

Both brand names have added a little extra length to the briefs and trunks which is why we can added these to our tall shop. When we sell tall clothing it’s normally sold sizes like XLT and 2XLT but as these carefully selected garments are suited more for the big and tall man we have choose to stick with the original 2XL to 8XL sizes as they do fit the big man as well. They are not quite universal but they are pretty close as they are so stretchy!

So you have told me you sell big and tall men’s underwear, I’m 6” 6” and about 30 stone in weight, what would be your most comfortable underpants”

 Good question! We have a number of different options but the best suited for this would be the basic briefs from Kam Jeanswear in sizes from 2XL to 8XL.

These reason why is that they are made with extra length and lots of stretch! The crotch area has one side stripe that is stitched and the other that is loose, if you look closely at the image on the product page you can see this added feature.

This is just one example of why we feel the Kam Twin Pack Cotton Briefs Pants is the best option for the bigger and taller man. These are briefs are only £7.99 and come in four different colour options, red, white, black and grey.  

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