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Tall Men's T-Shirts

Here at Big Clothing 4 U we have a good range of very reasonably priced tall T-shirts with a variety of different designs and styles. See below about our extra tall tees which aren't just standard T-Shirts made taller but are made in proportion to the taller man. As with all our tall products (even our tall men’s Skopes suits) the general rule is they are made with about an extra three centimetres of length; some do vary so please check and we are always happy to measure before you buy. We also provide size guides where we can on this website.

We have a good range of T-Shirts for the tall slimmer and the tall larger man!

Extra-long Tees

Kam make some great extra long T-Shirts that are actually designed for our bigger customers in sizes 3XL to 8XL, but we find even our six foot eleven customers find they fit well. This style is KBS 500.

We also stock KBS 500B that is a Sleeveless T-Shirt and finally we sell the KBS 510 that is a V Neck T-Shirt from Kam Jeanswear.

Replika Clothing (also known as Replika Jeans) from All Size make some lovely tall men’s tees in sizes LT, XLT, 1XLT, 2XLT 3XLT & 4XLT.

Big and Tall?

All our tall men’s t-shirts are not just designed to cater for the slim athletic build, but we like to put as much etherise on the bigger built guys as well. The main problem with tall men’s clothing seems to be that even specialise tall men’s retailers only sell garments for the slimmer man.

We find this hard to understand as there are a lot of tall men that have a large waist line and find it hard to find clothes that fit and that aren’t rising up their backs. Why not also take a look at our big men’s t-shirt collection

To compliment your t-shirt take a look at our tall jeans - we sell a lot of Ed Baxter's 38" inside leg jeans that are made specifically for the taller man.

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