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Tall Men's Suit Trousers

At some point in life everyone will have that special occasion to attend but not everybody will have the suitable outwear. Why don’t you treat yourself to a high quality, well designed and durable pair of suit trousers that will transform the way you look from a 1 to a 10! At Big Clothing 4U we let you fully recover your work wardrobe or spruce up for a special event with our legendary, very well-tailored and stylish tall mens suit trousers that have it all sewn up! You will not be disappointed by the quality these trousers offer, they are made from very high quality pure cotton and are made to be stretchy and relaxed fit so you don’t have to worry about any sort of restrictions in movement or your button popping off at the most unwanted time! You can be sure to find the correct pair for your height and frame, our excellent customer service team will be more than happy to assist you with any sort of enquires or questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know what exact size you will need, just give us a call and we will help you get the measurements for any particular garment.

First on our list are the Skopes Darwin Suit Trousers in Black which are purposely designed with the taller man in mind! These suit trousers are very well built and designed with extra care to prevent unwanted events such as difficulties in movement due to a too much of a tight leg or the button popping off at a most unexpected time. Darwin Trousers are available in all tall sizes starting from a 32 inch waist all the way up to 42 inch waist, all trousers come with a 38 inch leg featuring a flat front and slant flap pockets, wool rich cloth with polyester and lycra which is luxurious yet hard wearing and durable.

If the previous suit trousers weren’t exactly what you were looking for, we also stock the Kam Tall Men’s Trousers in Black. Made out of lovely soft fabric which to an extent, will stretch to provide more of a freely movement. Kam Clothing provides more of a size choice starting from as little as 30 inch waist up to a 50 inch waist so you are sure to find the correct pair that will suit you, your needs and your body frame.

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