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Shirts for Tall Men

What is the correct length shirt for the taller man? Here at Big Clothing 4 U we pride ourselves on helping the taller man over 6" 6' find the correct length shirt. We sell shirts in sizes LT to 4XLT with varying different cuts and styles. Many of our tall men's shirts are made with a regular style fitting but we do also stock sizes for very tall and slim men too. Our tall collection tends to start for somebody around 6" 6' and go right up to seven foot plus.

Tall men's shirt brands

Double Two make some beautiful shirts for the taller man, with the great added bonus of non-iron and easy care built in. Double Two's extra tall range is tailored (no pun intented) to fit the longer length body shape. Double Two sell their tall shirts in sizes 16" to 21" collar. Double Two have a whole range of different coloured shirts from Black, White to Dusty Pink and Cornflower Blue in sizes LT, XLT, 1XLT, 2XLT 3XLT & 4XLT

We also stock tall men’s shirts from Duke Clothing under the brand name D555. They have loads of different styles in their tall range from 100% cottons shirts, check shirts (an example here in long sleeves and one in short sleeves),  pattern shirts and T-Shirt/Shirt matching combos! One of the great things about the D555 tall men’s collection is they sell tall men’s fashionable shirts in floral Hawaiian prints. Any questions about our range please contact us and we will be happy to help. Please do check out the size guides on each product page as from brand to brand the sizes will change.

What is the difference between a tall and a big man’s shirt?

The difference between our big man’s shirt collection and the tall man’s shirt collection here is that they are manufactured to a different specification even if the shirt is part of the same style. Basically the main difference is that the tall shirts have about three to four centimetres of length added to the arms and body. That's the basic principle but this can vary depending on the style of the shirt.

We have a great range of tall shirts and we are continuing to add new styles all the time.

Happy shopping!

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