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Jackets & Coats for Tall Men

Our tall men’s jackets and coats are carefully selected to ensure we get the right fit for the taller man. We currently stock four different style tall men’s jackets; waterproof, quilted, suit jacket from Skopes and our classic fashionable casual jacket. Our next addition to our tall men’s coat and jackets will be the range from Kam Jeanswear in sizes LT, XLT, 1XLT, 2XLT 3XLT & 4XLT. Watch this space!!

The problem tall men encounter with jackets and coats

If you are a taller man searching for the correct length and fit jacket you may well have encountered the same problem as us! It’s a common misconception that you can just grade up a big men’s jackets and add a few centimetres of length to the bottom and call it a tall man’s jackets. If only it was that simple - we would be out of business!  

When we look to stock different brands and styles of tall men’s jackets we have to consider if it the jacket or coat will be correct fit and proportion for the slim, and slightly wider tall man.

The reason it can be hard to find jackets for the taller man is there is so many different variations of what a tall men’s jacket is, so it becomes quite subjective. We want to be the ones doing the work, well getting the fit right anyway! We have targeted two different styles - low rise and the classic relaxed fitting tall jacket in sizes from LT to 3XLT.

We also sell a formal jacket from Skopes, which is part of a two piece suit if you want matching suit trousers from Skopes.

Why not try one of our tall jackets? You can always call us for exact measurements – there is someone in the warehouse who is always on call for this. We also have a good returns policy for people who want to try two different sizes because they aren’t quite sure which is the better fit. So take a look at what we have to offer. We

If you are a big chap and think you maybe in the wrong area why not take a look at our massive range of wide fitting large men’s jackets and coats! You will be spoilt for choice……..


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