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Tall Men's Socks

At Big Clothing 4U we like to go the extra mile and we also stock Large Socks for Big Menwith Long Feet and have a great range of Longer and Wider socks. Recently on our market the Antibacterial Socks are becoming very popular with the merino wool mix that offers both Quality and Comfort. We have a selection of Christmas Socks that would make the perfect Christmas surprise too. Some of our socks have different colours and matching patterns, so not only are they keeping your feet warm but protected and looking good at all times.

First very impressive pair of socks that we are happy to provide is the D555 Paulo Kingsize Cotton Rich Luxury Socks 3 Pairs Pack available in sizes from 11-13. These socks can make a very colourful and thoughtful gift for yourself or the loved one, also come with a single grip for added comfort as well as safety, so there’s no worry about falling on slippery surfaces. These are an excellent pack of socks that are rich in luxury cotton and come in colours of Blue, Red and Purple.

Now for the very popular, extraordinary garment - we also stock Nanosox Comfort plus Antibacterial Sports Socks, Fine Merino Wool Black, these are very smart, luxury antibacterial socks that are a little bit different to your usual socks. The Nanosox Comfort Plus comes with Silver Ions, and it’s a well-known fact that silver kills most bacteria so essentially the aim of putting Silver Nano Fibres in these socks is to combat the common problem of sweaty and smelly feet. A vast number of our customers have said they are delighted about the High Quality of the product as well as a great value for money. Made from 42% Merino Wool, 43% Polypropylene and 15% Elastane with a size on the inner collar of the sock. If you are looking for Quality and Comfort you have found the right garment.

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