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Tall Men's Belts

Tall sized belts are a small part of our clothing collection but certainly not forgotten. We made sure our belts are comfortable and easy to wear for all men. If you have a large waist don’t think you can’t find the right belt for your needs, you may not everywhere you go but in our online shop you will definitely be spoilt for choice. No need to tighten your belt with our prices! When you have finished busting your belt at that joke, click here to see our Tall Shoes Section to find a pair of shoes that will match the colour and/or the style of the belt.

At the minute the only brand we stock in belts is Duke D555 which are very popular within our customer base. But keep looking out, as we constantly update and add to our collection!

One of our New Belts that has only just recently been added to the stock, is the D555 Archie Kingsize Leather Belt. Absolutely fantastic, very smart looking belt which is made especially with comfort in mind, usually paired with our selection of Suit Trousers that are available for you to look at on the above link. Made out of Highest Quality Leather available on the market, in the Dark Shade of Brown with 3.9cm width and a chrome silver buckle.

Another High Quality Double Bonded Leather Belt is the Joeseph Metal Tip End Belt 3.0cm Width Black from D555 Clothing. Popular in our belt collection, very stylish and fashionable black leather belt with a classic frame style buckle and a metal tip end. This is another one of our belts that has certainly not been made from cheap materials and is extremely durable due to the High Quality Leather so you do not have to worry about the belt snapping in the unforeseen circumstances.

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