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Tall Men's Accessories

“So what are tall men’s accessories?” Basically tall men’s accessories include large sized socks that are extra long up to UK16 and extra-long length belts up to 64 inches long. The Sophos Leather Belts and the D555 Lewis Square Buckle Plain Belt are both about three centimetres wide so prove very popular.

People are getting taller and taller, but the shops are just not stocking tall men’s sizes. If you’re a tall man you will know exactly what we are talking about. Here is a little bit of information about our tall men’s accessories. You can trust that we have the tall man’s needs covered.


Our main brand names from tall men’s socks are D555. We have the Spark and Paulo king size socks in sizes from UK11 to UK13. We also have our Frosty Christmas socks in sizes from UK12 to UK16. Not being able to find tall men’s Christmas socks is now a thing of the past. We have a range of colourful Christmas socks with Santa and Robin characters sewed on. Our Christmas socks are made from 100% cotton and the seasonal characters are sewed in to the sock not printed on. Basically the Christmas characters are created by using different coloured cotton.  All our large size socks are very comfortable.


Our tall men’s belts currently come from two brand names, D555 and Sophos. We have added a number of different style belts to our tall collection in sizes from 44” to 64”. We find with the taller man the Sophos Leather Belts in black and the D555 Lewis Square Buckle Plain Belt are the most popular as they are both about three centimetres wide. The three centimetre wide belts are popular because they fit nicely through the belt loops in most formal trousers.

Looking for tall men’s formal trousers? We sell Skope’s Suit Trousers in a 38” leg length. We also sell the Darwin Olso Suit Jacket from 40XT, 42XT, 44XT, 46XT up to 48XT that goes with these trousers.

If you are a big man then why not check out our big men’s accessories page.

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