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Replika Jeans

ALLSIZE COMPANY GROUP A/S is a Danish owned company founded in Denmark 1998. With a range of 5 individual fashion brands, ALLSIZE COMPANY GROUP A/S provides clothing and accessories for men at any age, size or shape.

The 5 brands are marketed and sold as REPLIKA JEANS, North 56°4, North 56°4 SPORT, KASHMIR BLACK LABEL CPH and SUIT. By those REPLIKA JEANS, North 56°4 and North 56°4 SPORT are Big & Tall size menswear, sold in size XL-8XL under the mission to give the Big & Tall man the same frames of possibilities within clothing, as if he wears smaller size of clothing.  

Today, our brands REPLIKA JEANS, North 56°4, North 56°4 SPORT, KASHMIR BLACK LABEL CPH and SUIT are stronger brands than ever. The success is due to our ability to constantly develop in fashion and in business, as well as a strong commitment to maintaining our goal of uncompromising high quality. Our 5 brands are sold in more than 1000 retail shops, department stores and websites in more than 30 countries around the world.

We have a few high quality and stylish garments from Replika Jeans, one of the popular picks is the Replika Jeans V-neck T-Shirt in Blue but also available in Grey. Available in all large and tall sizes from 2XL up to 8XL. Very stylish, short sleeved t-shirt with a plain kind of design due to the colours blending in, this shirts comes with a large logo printing in the middle chest area straight bottom and a V-neck liked by many of our customers. Fully machine washable and made from 100% Cotton also available in all tall and large sizes!

Another popular garment with a similar kind of design as the one above, is the Replika Jeans Tall V-neck T-Shirt in Blue. So if you are a tall man, you do not need to worry, this t-shirt comes in sizes from LT up to 3XLT and is made out of 100% cotton to ensure amazing durability. This garment comes with long sleeves and a large printing logo in the middle chest area. 

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