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Our Models

We work with big and tall models and influences that truly represent big and tall men, so you can see exactly how the clothing we offer will fit - no matter what your size.


We know all too well the struggle that big and tall men face trying to find clothing that looks good and feels great. Shopping on the high street? Forget about it. Online shopping? A whimsical nightmare, filled with images of models that just don’t represent the big and tall market. 


You see, we know how frustrating it can be seeing big men’s clothing stores use skinny men modelling their clothing. These marketing tactics don’t allow big men to visualise how each product will look when worn; how it drapes, how it skims their stomach or fits their thighs.


We want our customers to feel empowered and create a shopping experience that makes them feel confident in the skin they’re in. We believe it is our responsibility to take leadership within the industry and kick the stereotype that surrounds the big and tall market, not all men are 5’10” with a slim build, some are 6 foot+, built like a brickhouse - and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Period.


This is why we work alongside some incredible big and tall influencers, like Laurence Shahleai, who also believe that there is more to be done in the way of making the clothing industry more inclusive. 


He has recently said, “It’s hard as a powerlifter to find clothing that not only fits, but looks good. I believe that there is more in the way of men’s clothing that can be done to make others of my size feel represented and accepted. This is why I am working with BigClothing4U - to use my voice to create change in the world and make a difference for fellow large men”.


Our promise to you...

We promise to only use big and tall models that truly represent you, our customer. It’s as simple as that.


Be one of our big and tall models

Are you sized between 2XL-8XL? We’re always looking for big and tall models to join our ranks and help us make waves in the big and tall market. Please send your application to our marketing department by emailing [email protected]