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Spring Summer Collection Here from Big Clothing 4 U

Our Model

Contact our support team: enquiries@bigclothing4u.co.uk Our team are happy to answer any questions about sizing 

Why do we use a model to show off our latest styles? We know the internet is taking over the world, but it’s still a real life and therefore having a real life model always helps our customers gain a better understanding of how the garment will fit and feel in 'real life'! Modelling garments is especially useful in the plus size market as many plus size men can’t imagine how the garment will fit, a lot of other models in big mens stores, model the garment on a regular size man but this doesn’t always act as a good guide. Many customers frown upon a big men’s clothing store having model images of ‘skinny’ men as they feel it’s inappropriate. But at the end of the day your feedback is what will help us improve our site, making it more user friendly and relevant. Any ideas on how to improve our site guys?

Are you between a 3XL and 5XL? Why not reach out to us today using the email address below, we’re constantly looking to recruit a model that will help our customers gain a better understanding of the fit and look of each individual garment. Don’t be shy, give us an email today! enquiries@bigclothing4u.co.uk

If you happen to be the right person and can add value to our products, the rate of pay can be substantial! Apply to find out more...