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Big Men's T-Shirts

Big Clothing 4 U offers a wide range of reasonably priced T-Shirts in sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL without compromising on quality. Below we talk about our large men’s T-Shirt collection including extra long length t-shirts in a variety of colours, plain or patterned tees, graphic prints, seasonal tees and 100% big cotton T-Shirts.


We have found that a lot of large clothing catalogues just don’t offer the right clothing at the correct prices for the bigger person. Our online catalogue has a wide range of different styled T-Shirts in sizes 3XL to 8XL that will not break the bank!

So what is our best selling size and brand?

Without doubt over and beyond all fashionable.beautifully designed T-Shirts for the bigger man, our best selling T-Shirt would be our extra long basic T-Shirts from KAM Jeanswear with the product code KBS 500. We sell loads of these T-Shirts in a wide range of different colours. Black and navy being our best sellers. We also sell other colours in this style, blue, brown, white and grey.

Reasonably priced tees

Good value basic men’s clothing is becoming a very popular requirement for a lot of families. With difficult economic conditions lots of families want good quality that will last but no cost the earth. We have an extensive selection of plus size T-Shirts in a number of styles at sensible prices. We have a special offers page that have selected T-Shirts with up to 60% off!

Seasonal tees

Keep your eyes open as we are always adding more big Tees. T-Shirts are one of our most regularly updated garments in our big men’s section. We stock seasonal T-Shirts that include 6XL Christmas T-Shirts for the big man. T-Shirts are an essential part of any wardrobe.

Talking of colder times, you must check out our thermal clothing range as we stock thermal T-Shirts to Thermal Long Johns in a selection of sizes up to a massive 8XL, that’s a 72” waist and chest. 

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  1. Hype Speckle Fade T-Shirt - Blue
    Hype Speckle Fade T-Shirt - Blue
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