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Big Men's Shirts

Big men's shirts for every occasion in sizes  XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL. From officewear to evenings out, our shirts for big men lend an effortless elegance paired with jeans or formal trousers. Available in classic button up designs, bold prints, colours and fitted styles, our big mens shirts are a must-have for sharpening up your wardrobe.

From linen and quality wool blends to non-iron and easy care materials, our long sleeve and short sleeve shirts for big men gives you complete freedom to choose what suits your style. We know how hard it is to find a shirt that fits the bigger man - whether it's a wide chest, big neck or larger mid-section, our shirts that offer plenty of room, without looking baggy or unflattering.

What are big and tall shirts?

Big and tall shirts have been designed to give bigger men a flattering, well-fitted shirt with plenty of room in the chest, neck and mid-section areas without looking baggy.

We know how overwhelming it can feel when shopping for a new shirt for the office or an evening out in a mainstream shop. This is because mainstream shops have not considered the necessary alterations when designing shirts for bigger men. To look and feel elegant and handsome for the office or a special night out, it is strongly recommended to shop from a big and tall fashion brand that specialises in clothing for bigger men and carries an inclusive size range.

How big is a 3XL shirt?

The size 3XL shirt is 35” or 89cm long, and the chest size for an XXXL shirt is 52-54” or 132-137cm.

What chest is XXL shirt?

XXL chest size can fit 48-50” or 123-127cm. A 2XL chest is 34” or 86CM long.

What does XXL mean on shirts?

The size XXL on shirts means that the chest size is 48-50” or 123-127cm. A 2XL shirt is 34” or 86CM long. H3: What size is XXL in dress shirts? XXL or 2XL dress shirts chest size is 48-50” or 123-127cm, length is 34” or 86 cm. The neck size for XXL shirts are 18-18.5” or 46-47cm and the sleeve length is 36-37” or 91-94cm.

What size is a 2XL shirt?

The size 2XL is also known as XXL in the UK. On shirts it means that the chest size is 48-50” or 123-127cm, and the length is 34” or 86cm.

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