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Big Men's Jackets & Coats

We have an extensive range of big men’s jackets and coats in sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL ! Ranging from lightweight waterproof jackets in a bag to heavy duty winter weight coats. All designed and cut for the larger man. Below is a brief explanation of the different types of jackets we sell which include Soft shell performance Jackets, Quilted Jackets, Denim Jackets, Harrington Jackets, Bomber Jackets and Waterproof Jackets.

What different styles do you have available for the big man?

Soft shell performance Jackets and Coats
We sell big men’s soft shell performance jackets from two different brand names Kam Jeanswear and D555. All our soft shell jackets are durable, breathable, lined and waterproof. They are designed for outdoor use, having practical pockets and being strong enough to cope with extreme weather conditions.

Quilted Jackets and Coats
We currently stock quilted jackets from three different brands names, Kam, kangol and D555. The typical jacket is a lightweight diamond shaped stitched quilted jacket with a soft black fabric. Smart looking jackets for casual occasions.

Denim Jackets
Our denim jackets are currently from Duke Clothing sold under the brand name D555. These trucker style denim jackets are very popular in the bigger sizes 5XL and 6XL. These large men’s denim style jackets are made from a premium 14.75oz denim. We also have seasonal denim jackets from Jack & Jones, Kam Jeanwear and many more.

Harrington Jackets
The popular Harrington fashion jacket from Kam comes in a number of different colours including taupe and navy. Casual showerproof stylish jacket, usually comes with a red or blue check lining. The Harrington jacket is not normally waterproof, it has more of a shower proof fabric. Perfect for going to the pub or out with mates

Bomber Jackets
The bomber jacket is the perfect winter jacket for the bigger man. Light weight yet very warm. These stylish jackets are popular for security work and nightclub doormen as they come in sizes up to 6XL! Normally made from 100% padded polyester.

Waterproof Jackets
We have a good selection of different style waterproof jackets, from our classic plain jacket in a bag to our more stylish design from Kam. Our waterproof jackets come from a number of different brand names including Kangol, D555, Espionage and KAM. All our waterproof jackets are made with a generous fitting.

In addition to our jackets and coats for work, we also have a wide range of big and large mens workwear in these larger sizes.

We also have a selection of tall men’s jackets and coats.

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  1. D555 Romsey Denim Jacket - Blue
    D555 Romsey Denim Jacket - Blue
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