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Big and Tall Men's Cargo Pants

Our range of cargo pants and combat trousers for the plus size man have a generous fitting waist sizes, 42", 44" 46", 48" 50" 52", 54", 56", 58", 60", 62", 64", 66", 68" and 70" waist. Offering extra wide leg fittings and a relaxed comfortable style. Listed below are the features of each brand; designed for a slightly different purpose from heavy duty, medium to heavy weight to soft cotton.

Ed Baxter Cargo Combat Trousers are called “Victory” and they come in five different colours; Black, Grey, Stone, Khaki, Putty and Chocolate. Ed Baxter gear their cargo trousers towards the big men’s workwear market compared to other brands. All the combat trousers from Ed Baxter are heavy duty made with strong thick cotton fabric. All the Ed Baxter Victory trousers come with belt loops as they are designed with more of a heavy duty style.

Espionage Cargo Combat Trousers are a strong medium weight big men’s cargo trousers but they are about ten pounds cheaper than other brands. They are comfortable with an elasticated waist band, and perfect for lounging around the house as they are made from a soft cotton fabric. They are designed with the classic combat trouser design with two bellow side pockets, two top hand pockets and two back pockets with Velcro tabs.

Duke Clothing Cargo Combat Trousers are a medium to heavy weight fabric designed more for the colder months of the year. Our customers like the combat trousers from Duke because they are in the mid-range price bracket for these type of trousers. Available in sizes 42” to 60” inch waist and with four colour options: Black, Khaki, Grey and Stone. They are also available in four different leg lengths Short 29”, Regular 31” and Long 33” (with extra long 38" in the tall men's section).

All of these different brands have one thing in common, they make combat pants with extra wide leg fittings and a relaxed comfortable style.

Kinsize cargo and combat trousers are stocked in sizes inculding;

Leg lengths start at a 27" leg length and increase to 29", 30", 31" 32" up to 34" and 36 inch inside leg 

Sizes in XL are as follows: 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL

Leg length 38”

We also sell cargo pants for the taller man in leg lengths 38”, so take a look in the tall section. We have a choice of two brands in the tall collection, Ed Baxter and Duke Clothing in two colours; Black and Khaki. Our tall cargo pants collection have a slightly slimmer leg fitting, but are in portion for the taller man – our customers love them!

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