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Big Men's Suit Covers

Big Clothing 4U is happy to announce the opening of a new store Scunthorpe Suits which is supplying a range of elegant suits suitable for any occasion from sizes as small as 36 Short to as large as 72 Long, so now not only do we cater for the bigger man but for any body shape or size! Storing your suit is an important but missed by many customers part.

Because Big Clothing 4U always goes that extra mile to deliver a Good Quality Service, we now stock High Quality Breathable Suit Covers sold in packs of 3 or as single items!

If you are planning, or already have bought a suit - Hangerworld 40 inch Breathable Suit Cover - Single – Black is an absolute must have if you are wanting to keep your suit safe at all times. This High Quality, Smart looking Breathable Suit Cover can fit suits up to 40 inch in chest length so you will never run out of room even if you are the bigger man, easy opening front zip for easy access will allow you to protect your suit from any dirt or dust. Made out of soft cotton to ensure the suit inside the cover does not get damaged.

But not everyone has the same taste, certain individuals prefer casual clothing where certain people prefer more formal clothing on day to day basis. Meaning some of us may have more than one suit in their wardrobe. Big Clothing 4U has took this into consideration and is now also offering Hangerworld 40 inch Breathable Suit Covers - Pack of 3 – Black. This garment is identical to the one mentioned above although it is more valuable for money as you get three suit covers instead of one. Be sure to check our full body suits page on our website and you will definitely find one appealing to you, your body shape and your body size.

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