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Big Men's Accessories

Big Clothing 4 U’s big men’s accessories include socks, ties, belts, suit covers and braces.The D555 socks are made with extra length and ourbelts come in both leather and webbing cargo belts. They are specifically made to fit the size on the label.

You may be asking yourself, what is different about normal accessories to big men’s accessories? Well unlike most of our garments, not much is different but they are just made in bigger sizes. If you have read some of our other pages, you will see us talking about, not just “grading up” a products, as this will not create the correct fit for the larger man. But these are one of the few garment types you can just “grade up”.

Below is a brief explanation of our different types of big men’s accessories


We sell big men’s socks in large and wide fittings. We currently have two different brand names, D555 and Nanosox. The D555 socks are made with extra length in sizes up to UK14, UK15 and our biggest size UK16. The D555 socks come in a number of different styles including, plain black, colourful toes and ankles and our favourite seasonal sock the Christmas sock!


We have a selection of different style belts from leather belts to webbing cargo belts. We sell belts from 42”, 44” and 46” waist with our biggest sizes 62” and 64” waist. Our most popular belt for the bigger man is the D555 Noah belt from Duke Clothing, available in waist sizes 44” and 64” waist.

With all our belts, they are specifically made to fit the size on the label. For example if you purchased a 64” belt the centre hole would fit a 64” waist but there is normally about five holes on a belt, so a 64” belt could fit from a 62” to a 66” waist as each hole is around 1” between each other. So there is always room for movement after a big meal!

We are continually adding stock to our website, so please feel free to come back soon. We are currently waiting on more large men’s ties and braces.

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