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Big & Tall Men's Clothing

We have found that it’s very difficult to find good fitting clothes in larger sizes especially for plus size men. On the High Street large people can find clothing too small and the changing rooms very uncomfortable. Being an outsize person, you don’t want to be going into every shop on the High Street to find that nothing fits, it’s not a very good feeling. For somebody bigger than the standard person life is so much better being able to find one shop that sells every style of plus size menswear on one website. 

We have put a lot of time into making sure that our clothing fits and is not too tight or uncomfortable. Selling big menswear has been so rewarding because both our customers and Big Clothing 4 U are pleased when we get the products right. We stock lots of different brand names to fit every body shape or size. We sell sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, and equivalent size to a massive big mens 9XL & 10XL!

Take a look at our Big Men's Suit Collection which includes the popular single breasted Darwin (or newly named Oslo) three piece suit in both black and grey and the Skopes Palmer Commuter Suit in blue. Sizes up to 72" Waist and 72" Chest. We also sell the two piece suits for tall men.

Cargo Combat Trousers
Our cargo combat pants are made with extra wide leg fittings and a relaxed comfortable style for the plus size man have a generous fit up to 64” waist. Take a look at  our big men's cargo combat trousers for yourself. Brands include:

  • Ed Baxter Cargo Combat Trousers “Victory” - heavy duty made with strong thick cotton fabric.
  • Espionage Cargo Combat Trousers - a strong medium weight big men’s cargo trousers, comfortable with an elasticated waist band in a soft cotton fabric.
  • Duke Clothing Cargo Combat Trousers - a medium to heavy weight fabric designed more for the colder months of the year.

Available in different leg lengths Short 29”, Regular 31” and Long 33 and Extra long 38" (in the Tall Men's Cargos section).

We offer lots of great styles for the bigger man! Tapered Jeans (roomier at the top and narrower towards the ankle) Bootcut Jeans(taper to the knee with flare out), Loose Fitting Style Jeans (our most generous of fits, relaxed fitting from the thigh to the bottom hem) and Straight Leg Jeans. Take a look at our big men's jeans - as we specialise in big men’s jeans, even our regular fit is designed to be the correct fitting for the larger man

Leg lengths start at a 27" leg and we cover the following waist sizes: 42", 44", 46", 48", 50",52", 54", 56", 58", 60", 62", 64",66",68" and 70" waist.

Jogging or Lounging Bottoms
Browse through our collection of large sized sweat pants and joggers. We sell Ed Baxter (lightweight and heavier weight), Duke Clothing (a tighter fit) and Espionage (basic generous fit). Our leg lengths are from 29" up to 34".

Jumpers and Hoodies
We also have sections for big jumpers and big hoodies. Produced for the bigger man up to eight XL with a good body length and proportionate arm length, and a good chest width as well as body length. 

Polo Shirts
We have a good range of big polo-shirts from the popular D555 Racer Polo Shirt and D555 Grant Polo Shirt from Duke Clothing with a wider fit to Espionage Polo Shirts with the added extra length. Kam Jeanswear Polo Shirts are fashionable with an extra generous cut, designed especially for the bigger man. Our selection of Raging Bull Polo Shirts are designer polo shirts, top quality polo shirts for the larger man.

We sell extra-long length shirts (Espionage and Kam are great brands for this) and for a wider chest size take a look at our Brooklyn shirts - they have some great check and pattern shirts. Duke (D555) have a great variety of styles and caters more for the standard fit for the larger man. Our bestselling brands for plain shirts are Espionage and Kam. For linen shirts, take a look at our Ed Baxter and Raging Bull - our collection also includes some Espionage Linen Cotton Mix shirts. 

Our Non-iron and easy care range from Double Two are up to collar sizes 22" and 23" in both long sleeves and short sleeves.

Take a look at our extensive range of big men's shirts and see for yourself. 

Our extra long KAM tees are very popular, and we offer a wide range of tees in lots of colours in our T-shirt Collection for big men

Big Clothing 4 U sells comfortable shorts that offer elasticated (or “adapter”) waist bands to the fashionable stretch denim shorts. Lots of big men's Swimming Shorts and Hawaiian Shorts for the summer, including Espionage cotton shorts. Take a look at our Shorts for Big Men section

Our collection of big men's chino trousers include a wide range of coloured Chino trousers from Ed Baxter, stretch fit Chinos from Kam Jeanswear and practical hard wearing Chinos from Duke Clothing. The leg widths are made in proportion to the waist size with Kam Jeanswear chinos.

We also sell big men's vests  in extra wide generous fittings as well as the extra long length beach style vest ,fashionable vests and plain vests including the popular Fabio vest. 

Formal Trousers
We stock a wide range of formal trousers up to 72" waist from Skopes. Also the D555 Maxi with the flexi expandable waist and KAM’s formal trousers with the elasticated belt.

Jackets, Coats and Bodywarmers
Please take a look at our body warmers and our jackets and coats up to 8XL for the chillier weather. Our range includes Soft shell performance Jackets, Quilted Jackets, Denim Jackets, Harrington Jackets, Bomber Jackets and Waterproof Jackets in a bag.

We have a good stock of night attire, our big men's nightwear section includes a great choice of Dressing Gowns,  Pyjamas. Lounging Bottoms, Longing Shorts and Thermal Trousers and Thermal Tops.

To compliment your wardrobe why not have a look at our Underwear and Accessories produsts.We also stock footwear up to a size UK17!

Free returns!

Being able to order online and have the clothes the next day makes life so much better for the bigger person. You can try the clothes on in the comfort of your own home and if they don’t fit send them back with our free returns service. Easy shopping for the larger person!

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