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Tall Mens Clothing Special Offers from Big Clothing 4 U

4XL Clothing & XXXXL Mens Clothing

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4XL men’s clothing is one of our bestselling sizes for the bigger guy. Many of our customers are just slightly over the threshold for shopping in your main stream store. But don’t worry we sell basically the same clothing as the high streets but they are just made differently to fit the plus size gentleman.

We have an extensive range of 4XL polo shirts, Shirts, T-Shirts, jumpers, combat trousers, shorts and loads more garments in that hard to find 4XL that has the right fit for the slightly larger man. Most of our 4XL clothing is made to fit between a 56 and 58 inch chest. The best way to double check your size when shopping with us is to firmly place a tape measure around your chest and then have a look at our size guide which is on every product page and match your size as the size guides are the chest to fit not the actual garment size.

It’s not so apparent at this size (normally larger sizes), but it’s still noticeable that some garments differ in length. For example if you have a small chest in comparison to you waist and are looking for a shirt, we would suggest going for the brand Espionage as they generally make the products with extra length. However if you have a short but stocky built we suggest you go for a brand like Kangol as they are not so long but very generous in the body. Need any help? Our customer service team are more than happy to help you....  

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